The Australian National University has recently undergone an extensive redevelopment, with five new buildings added to the campus in our nation’s capital. EDGE™ played an important role in the University’s face lift, working with ABS Façade and CSR in different areas.

The new precinct is an impressive accomplishment, featuring a 500-seat auditorium, cinema and flexible performance space, student hub, teaching building, healthcare building, and a combined pool/gym building.

This is one of the largest building projects in Canberra since the construction of New Parliament House. The precinct has been named Kambri by Indigenous representatives, which translates to “meeting place”.

EDGE partnered with CSR on the student accommodation building to develop a thermally broken external bead for their walling system and EDGE also provided U-MAX™ 100 Front Double Glaze with casement windows and truth casement hardware that was used throughout the building.