A thermally broken commercial window and door systems designed for Australia

EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems offers thermally broken window systems, complemented by double glazed and single glazed window systems. U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ aluminium window and door suites deliver ease of manufacture, a true metric footprint, advanced drainage, and much more. Design more beautiful and energy efficient projects with EDGE™.

EDGE Architectural breathes freshness, flexibility, and imagination into Australia’s commercial window and door framing market. We offer architectural louvres, facades, and elements for shading and sun control, too.

Interchangeable systems let you transition from thermal break to double glazed to single glazed

Satisfy your architectural window framing needs with EDGE. We designed our comprehensive range of high performing aluminium window and door framing systems from a fresh perspective specifically for Australian conditions and Australian’s design preferences. Choose EDGE Architectural to produce a sublime handshake between your building and the people who move through it.

The EDGE super suite is a clearly defined range of aluminium window and door framing systems that offer intermarrying of suites, from thermal break through to single glazed, consistent construction details throughout, a uniform feature set, and a true value proposition. The methodology of drainage and the principles of glazing make the ranges more attractive for architects, specifiers, fabricators and a project’s end user.

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Your projects can have it all. We can show you how.

Beyond our expansive library of suites, our team is capable of working with you on a project to find a solution that delivers the design and performance results you want.

Alternate between our thermally broken U-MAX , double glazed MAX and single glazed GEN suites for complete design freedom, strength, quality, energy conservation, cost savings and performance. All that, and local service and support from the Australian Team for energy efficient solutions in architectural frames. As a client of EDGE Architectural Glazing, you’ll receive support from all of Aluminium Industries’ experts, including EDGE Consult and aiFAB.

EDGE Architectural brings design flexibility and high standards of economy and ecology to aluminium window and door framing systems.