Louvres and sun shades

Architectural louvre systems

Shading and sun control is a critical element towards compliance with Australia’s current building codes.

In addition to our double glazed and thermally broken window framing systems, we recognise the value of external architectural solutions for energy smart design, function and aesthetics.

Facades and environmental elements

The EDGE Architectural team, as a brand of Aluminium Industries, has worked with some of Australia’s best façade engineers and designers to develop bespoke solutions and custom elements for their projects.aluminium louvres and sun screens

A vast array of louvres, fins, wings, panels and slabs have been developed over the years.

Heat and light control has become a focal point for determining the energy and cost efficiency of a project. Using adjustable or fixed louvre systems is an ideal way to help meet these targets. Aluminium louvres are a practical shading solution with the benefits of being light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, privacy, sound and shock absorption. These features coupled with aluminium’s propensity for custom fabrication make it the leading choice for all architectural projects. Plus, aluminium is easily and economically recycled for future generations.

We’d love to help you, too. Consult with our experts to achieve your design goals and energy efficiency targets from your EDGE louvres.

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