Not just another pretty face

A major advantage of aluminium windows is the strength of the metal. Aluminium window frame systems are strong, lightweight and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for commercial construction since the 1960s. EDGE Architectural builds on this foundation of strength and re-imagines aluminium window and door frames for high standards in building today, and into the future.

A break for the better

Thermal break using Pour & Debridge (P&D) technology allows similar structural values as traditional unbroken systems (about 7 per cent of the original metal). This means strength can be maintained across the façade, alternating between broken and unbroken suites, without having to increase frame depth.

Other thermal break technologies require deeper framing systems to compensate for lost strength. Deeper framing systems have poorer energy ratings due to Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency.  By choosing P&D, benefits are found in cost savings and energy efficiency.

The trouble of transom torque

The EDGE design features a frame assembly screw flute in front of the glazing pocket. We engineered this to deliver less stress on the joint, improved structural performance and ensured water tightness. It provides the best method of dealing with torsional forces under wind load and supporting large weights of glass on transoms. The glazing pocket is set at the perfect distance to get the best strength, minimize tilt, support the load and drain water. No other Front Glazed system supports transoms as well as this.

The increased strength and decreased risk of transom torque prevents the joint from opening up and allowing water in.