Specification and technical support

Faculty of ABP image by Blake CondonAs a brand of Aluminium Industries (Ai), EDGE Architectural benefits from the collective creativity and ingenuity of a large organization. This collective IP, in turn, benefits EDGE customers.

Through EDGE Consult, Ai’s in-house design studio for EDGE Architectural systems, provides consultative services for architects, façade engineers, builders and fabricators, ensuring our architectural framing systems meet your project’s design intent.

In 2010, as part of our drive toward becoming a full service aluminium supplier, Ai established EDGE Consult. The EDGE Consult team maintains deep knowledge of the systems and utilizes the latest software and equipment, including 3D printers and and 3D rendering software. The outcome is a much streamlined “concept to fulfillment” timeline and the ability to quickly and effectively examine alternate design concepts prior to die cutting.

EDGE Consult is a critical element in EDGE Architectural’s fabrication of bespoke and custom solutions for engineering, façade design and architectural projects.

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