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Architects wanting to find a unique solution for their commercial designs, call the experts at EDGE. We have the people and processes necessary to efficiently create new designs and new dies.

As a brand of Aluminium Industries (Ai), EDGE Architectural benefits from the collective creativity and ingenuity of a large organization. This collective IP, in turn, benefits EDGE customers. Through EDGE Consult, Ai’s in-house design studio for EDGE Architectural systems, provides consultative services for architects, façade engineers, builders and fabricators, ensuring our architectural framing systems meet your project’s performance and design intent.

Ai established EDGE Consult as part of our drive toward becoming a full service aluminium supplier. The team maintains deep knowledge of the systems and works closely with specifiers and installers to collaborate on project solutions. EDGE Consult is a critical element in EDGE Architectural’s fabrication of bespoke and custom solutions for engineering, façade design and architectural projects.

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Your project your way

EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems offers a complete design and manufacturing service for your project. Our team can work with you from consultation to delivery. Our project design service includes onsite CAD and 3D prototyping capabilities. We believe in a vertical process, from design, die production, extrusion, and powder-coating through to stock management and logistics.

Our experience with aluminium means you can rely on EDGE Architectural to provide the ideal partnership to work alongside your architectural and engineering teams to bring your concept to fruition.

Whatever your requirement, the EDGE team will work to give you the support you need.

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We make it happen

Talk to our specialists. Our vast library of profiles may have what you need. If not, EDGE Consult, our specifier support team, can work with you to create an exclusive product to suit your needs.

Whatever we do for you, we will execute it with service levels, flexibility and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Solutions for section J

Section J has been the catalyst for many changes to Australia’s building industry. EDGE Architectural has responded by committing a significant investment in the development of what we believe is the best “off the rack” solution for most commercial applications, U-MAX™ our thermally broken and double glazed, commercial window and door framing system. However, we recognise the importance of and the need for custom or bespoke framing solutions that incorporate a thermal break in their design. The EDGE Architectural team can design and develop a totally custom framing solution for your project that will have all the performance benefits of an integrated thermal break.

And, we can powder coat to your specification in our own finishing line with the full range of Dulux and Interpon coatings.

Talk to us today to learn how much we can do to deliver unique solutions for your framing or façade project.