Newly released EDGE technical manuals document further development of suites

Lastest EDGE technical documents chock full of new, new, new

The latest editions of the EDGE technical manuals are now available. Featuring an array of updates, including 50-some new extrusions, these manuals demonstrate EDGE’s ongoing product development and system flexibility and performance.

The new technical documentation offers the most up to date information on our thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed architectural window and door systems.

Updates include:

  • GEN™ 100mm Base Front Capped
  • GEN™ 150mm Base Front Capped
  • GEN™ 150mm Centre Single Glazed
  • GEN™ Single Glazed 45mm doors
  • MAX™ 100mm Base Front Capped
  • MAX™ 150mm Base Front Capped
  • MAX™ 150mm build in filler
  • MAX™ Sliding Door dedicated flydoor frame
  • MAX™ Glazing adaptors
  • MAX™ Compatible Louvre
  • U-MAX™ 200mm (150 Base) Front Capped
  • U-MAX™ 150mm offset, internal glaze sill and bead, Truth head and sill
  • U-MAX™ 150mm build-in filler
  • U-MAX™ Glazing adaptors
  • 45mm Commercial stacking door tracks including 200kg overhead track

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