An ecosystem of signature projects

We believe in ideas and partnering with like-minded design and development professionals to see those ideas realised.

“No man is an island”, and neither is EDGE. We strategically established a network where training, products, logistics and strong partnerships unite. We call this our Ecosystem.

Projects incorporating EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems benefit from a community of people, organisations, processes and elements interacting to create a system, the EDGE Ecosystem. These components tightly link together to assure exquisite performance.

EDGE Ecosystem: your environment for big ideas, practical solutions and fantastic projects

The EDGE ecosystem offers reliability, resources and real support for our ecosystem partners. The EDGE team earns your trust through consistent customer service and ongoing development of tested, innovative products.

The Research & Development team at EDGE Architectural invested, and continues to invest, significant consideration in every facet of the U-MAX™ and MAX™ suites. This scrutiny was liberally applied when it came to selecting our partner suppliers. Choose EDGE and you benefit from an ecosystem of companies and local people that stand behind every architectural window and door frame we deliver. Most important, you get a team of experts to support you.

When you think projects, think EDGE and the EDGE Ecosystem. From specification to fabrication, and every step in between, EDGE Architectural drives projects. No other customer-supplier partnership parallels the support, quality and knowledge found in the EDGE Architectural Ecosystem.

When you choose EDGE, you become a principle element of the EDGE Ecosystem. Your projects will soar with Australian product warranties, engineering and product design support, architectural specification, and a total window and door product offering that is revolutionary to the Australian construction industry. EDGE has the resources and expertise to be with you at every step of your journey. Together, we’ll propel projects from conception to realisation.

After all, we believe in ideas and the projects they inspire.

It’s not a window, it’s a system. It’s the EDGE Ecosystem

The elements of the EDGE Ecosystem blend to deliver a project greater than the sum of its parts.

Our history of collaborative product development resulted in the EDGE DNA, every facet of which yields benefits for your projects. Our history of collaborating with customers on their projects resulted in the development of support people and tools you need.

The collaborative development of the EDGE features and benefits leads into our offering of additional services and supports. Partnering with EDGE Architectural means so much more than a beautiful window.


Capacity, flexibility, reliability

The strategic nature of the EDGE ecosystem gives us enormous capacity and great flexibility for meeting our customers’ needs. For example, we have local access to six powder coat lines and three anodizing lines. We can be nimble and responsive for large, custom or short notice projects. Our focus on finding Australian suppliers means you can rely on delivery dates and a stable supply chain.

Whether it’s Mammoth’s “secret formula” wheels or 3M’s passion for innovation and strength, the companies in the EDGE ecosystem share our drive, dependability and dedication. Their stories are woven into the EDGE story, which, in turn, becomes part of your project’s story.

Experience the difference our Ecosystem makes.

High strength 3M™ VHB™ tapes are used throughout industry to replace mechanical fastening for permanent assembly in many applications.

The 3M culture thrives on innovation. It’s an organization that’s so amazing at producing the amazing that people simply fold their products into daily life and forget how truly amazing each one is.

When the EDGE team saw the awesome benefits of 3M’s VHB tape for structural glazing, we wanted it in the EDGE ecosystem. Once we started working with the 3M people and experienced the level of service and support our customers would receive, we knew we made the right choice.

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Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) provides aluminium finishing with standard anodising and powder coating in accordance with Australian Standards and adds value with high grade finishes processed to their exclusive and exacting standards.

Quality drives AAF. From logistics and processes, to warranties and the finished result, the company prides itself on giving a premium finish to premium products. They do what it takes to get it right.

AAF offers world best practices in anodising and powder coating next door to us in the suburbs of Melbourne.

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Anthony Innovations provides some of the hidden elements that brings together the EDGE systems, including components to assist fabricators during assembly, components used to prevent air and water infiltration, components used to provide an enhanced level of functionality to the EDGE suites.

Anthony Innovations has been manufacturing high quality, precision moulded components for more than thirty years.

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Dulux Powder Coatings is a pioneer in the powder coatings industry and a market leader.

With world class Research and Development facilities in Dandenong, Dulux is in our backyard. Whenever we or our customers have questions, answers are just a phone call, or sometimes a cup of coffee, away.

At Dulux, innovative products, as well as colours and finishes to suit nearly every situation, are supported by a responsive sales and customer service team. They focus on delivering solutions for specific requirements. Innovation, quality, service and warranties are why we include Dulux Powder Coatings in the EDGE ecosystem.

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Extrusions Australia (EA) provides high quality aluminium extrusions to meet their customers’ exact requirements and expectations.

The EA story is a lot like the Aluminium Industries (Ai) story. EA is a privately, wholly Australian owned company with a commitment to remain Australian. EA launched in 2005 as a lean start up and leadership with a clear vision for the future. Ai began in 1996 with one man, an Australian, seizing an opportunity to build something different.

EA’s commitment to excellence in service, quality and delivery makes them an ideal partner for EDGE. Their passion for Australia and our communities makes them an asset to our customers the EDGE ecosystem.

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Interpon Powder Coatings is the largest powder coating manufacturer in the world with nearly 30 years of experience in the Australian market.

Interpon focuses on long term relationships. From their sustainability practices to the warranties on their products to how the business is managed, they are part of our community and here for the long haul.

In Australia, Interpon combines global resources and technology capabilities with local knowledge and expertise, gained from nearly 30 years of local development and manufacturing experience. Their in-house expertise – from polyester polymer capability to patented powder technologies – means EDGE customers can enjoy freedom and flexibility where unique colour and technology solutions are required.

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Mammoth Ind. provides high quality, high performance sliding door hardware systems and bi-folding door hardware systems for doors, walls and windows.

Craig Lang, Mammoth’s founder, exudes passion for personal service and the development of elegant hardware solutions.  The products and people of Mammoth do too.

“We just listen to our customers,” Craig said. “If you want it, we’ll set about to achieve it and make it happen.”

By choosing Mammoth for the EDGE door rollers and bi-fold hardware, we give our customers strong, tested, warrantied systems with effortless operation. Every element throughout the completed systems works so smoothly the end user never even notices the hardware. And that’s just fine with Craig.

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Marco Extrusions enjoys a foundation and history of excellence. It’s also an organization focused on innovation and improvement.

“We’re research developers,” said Wade Methven, Marco General Manager.

Specialists in the Australian residential and commercial window glazing industries, Marco Extrusions is widely recognised as the partner of choice when it comes to developing and delivering state-of-the-art, in-house CAD design/development and manufacturing solutions.

EDGE’s gasketing methodology is a break from tradition and a significant development that ties into the drainage technology. We refused to scrimp on the seals. In partnership with Marco, we developed a high end co-extruded captive wedge. The result is a high performing product that delivers numerous benefits.

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