A fresh look at glazing

Details. They’re your key. From little details, amazing projects evolve.

The EDGE team understands this. We give attention to details often overlooked. By doing so, we can offer our clients options, options, options when it comes to glazing.

Anti-drop out glazing beads

The glazing bead locks into place by locating into a captive groove under pressure from a glazing wedge or foam rod in the pocket. Glazing beads can be used on the underside of transoms, ensuring water is better contained within the glazing pocket. The anti-drop out bead ensures the bead cannot dislodge. No other commercial aluminium window and door system offers this feature.

Glazing wedges

EDGE glazing wedges are high performance, co-extruded Santoprene and are colour coded for easy identification. All are captive, meaning they don’t require a captive on one side and roll in the other.

  • The wedge gives an audible “click” as the co-extrusions keys into the pocket, ensuring the wedge is properly seated.
  • Santoprene is the best material available for long-term durability and anti-stretch features.
  • The co-extrusion backing gives an easy identifier of thickness, an audible “click” when engaging and further enhanced anti-stretch capabilities of the wedges.

Our top-loaded pocket was designed for fitting the glazing wedges.

  • Easily factory fitted.
  • When glazing, the wedge cannot be dislodged.
  • The inner leg on the pocket is lower than the face of the frame. This gives a perfect detail to run a bead of silicone prior to fitting the inner wedge. With the leg lower than the face of the frame, there is less chance of ooze.

Pocket design is clean and uncluttered with no restricting legs inside it.

  • The back of the pocket is 5mm wider than the gap. This make it easier to angle glass into the pocket.
  • Pocket depth is 28mm on deep and 17mm on shallow, allowing for a full 12mm glass bite and edge distance requirement as perAS4555 (insulated glass units) Table E5.1.

Internally or externally glazed

Most suites can be internally or externally glazed.