Aluminium window and door frames

EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems heralds a fundamental change in Aluminium Industries’ complete product range with an ongoing development of three separate product groups:

  • U-MAX, the double glazed, thermally broken suite
  • MAX, the double glazed suite
  • GEN, a single glazed “generational change” encorporating a solid metric range and the EDGE design features.


Standard 60mm outer frame with optional 44mm frame.

Mix and match framing

Mix, match and marry for happily ever after. Different framing systems of the same depth can be used together to alter the glazing plane.

Multiple frame options

100mm or 150mm frame depths available.

Full metric footprint

The Australian architectural window market, largely has not redesigned its base commercial products since the first systems were introduced in the early 1960s. Those products followed imperial dimensions and many follow the same form today. EDGE departs from the old imperial standard. Incorporating frame and track systems, all EDGE products offer consistency in metrication.