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EDGE Architectural product technical downloads

You can download detailed product and specification information for the EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems ranges. U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ continue to grow to meet our clients’ needs. You’ll always find the most up-to-date technical information here and on

Complete technical information of U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™

Download complete technical information for each system.

Technical information for specific suites, energy ratings and care tips

U-MAX™, our thermally broken suite, offers high energy efficiency ratings within a comprehensive range of commercial framing systems. With features like thermal break and advanced water shedding, plus interchangeable systems and door and sash elements, the suite offers a complete range of energy smart products.

Download technical information for a specific U-MAX™ suite by clicking its button below.

U-MAX™ 100 Centre Double Glazed U-MAX™ 100 Front Double Glazed
U-MAX™ 150 Front Double Glazed U-MAX™ 150 Front Capped Double Glazed
U-MAX™ 150 Offset Double Glazed U-MAX™ 200 Front Capped Double Glazed
U-MAX™ 150 Centre Double Glazed U-MAX™ Sliding Windows
U-MAX™ Commercial Door Systems U-MAX™ Structural Glazed 150 Framing
U-MAX™ Bi-fold Door U-MAX™ Thermal Break Awning & Casement Sashes
U-MAX™ Thermal Break Truth Awning & Casement Sashes U-MAX™ Thermal Break Sliding Door
U-MAX™ Tilt & Turn sashes U-MAX™ Multi-lock awning and casement sashes
Independently calculated by an accredited energy ratings company, you can rely on EDGE Architectural’s energy ratings tables.

open EDGE Energy Ratings tables

 Visit the WERS certified products page.

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Resources for specifying surface finishing

Team EDGE, in consultation with Dulux and Interpon, developed these easy to use surface finishing decision infographic selectors. Specifying a suitable finish guarantees long-term performance from an aluminium architectural system. Consideration needs to be given to much more than merely choosing anodising or powder coating. Within these two finish options, building location, classification and building code requirements, also must be reviewed in the process of identifying a suitable finish.

Let Team EDGE help you specify the right finish for your project.

Powder coat selector   Anodising selector  more about surface finishing


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