Find your EDGE

Your vision extends beyond the brick and mortar of a building; you’re designing projects that build your legacy and enjoy a long life of effortless function for the occupants and end users. The EDGE Architectural ranges allow you to do just that.

To support people in specification and fabrication of the EDGE framing systems, we built a library of supportive literature, available through these downloads.

EDGE technical resources

The technical resource downloads hold technical manuals for U-MAX™, MAX™, GEN™ and our Architectural Standards, as well as energy ratings data, support information on specifying surface finishing and information on CAD details.

Keep your EDGE

The scope and style of your projects continue to evolve and grow. So too, do the ranges of the EDGE Architectural framing systems and the library of supportive documentation.

The EDGE team is committed to giving you all the resources you need to confidently specify our U-MAX, MAX and GEN framing systems. This includes maintaining the digital and print resources that keep you fully informed.