Design harmony

Visual unity is the result of bringing elements together in appropriate ratios to create a sense of oneness.

Finding that sense of oneness and harmony with the features of U-MAX™ and MAX™ stayed front of mind for our team as they designed for energy efficiency, strength and performance. Thanks to our neurotic natures and nights spent fretting over every detail of our new aluminium window and door systems, you can take your project to the EDGE and set your sights on our common sightlines.

We focused on the details, you enjoy the view.

Achieving visual unity with EDGE

  • 44mm, 60mm frame face dimensions in 100mm and 150mm frame depths.
  • 50mm face dimension on MAX versions of pocketed systems.
  • The 100 Centre Glaze and 150 Offset are externally identical.
  • 100 Front Glaze and 150 Front Glaze are externally identical.
  • Products allow for mix and match use of suites across the façade without any difference externally.