Quality control

The EDGE Architectural philosophy is to offer creative, streamlined and efficient solutions, without compromise. Our unwillingness to compromise ensures everything that leaves our factory meets our highest standards of quality control. Let us take away your worries. Our architectural frames will always be beautiful in form and reliable in function.

Our exacting standards of quality control assure the preservation of visual unity and common sightlines through the interconnected nature U-MAX™ and MAX™ suites. The finished project communicates your vision; people see the whole, not the individual elements.

In creating the U-MAX™ and MAX™ suites, the EDGE Research & Development team considered every component of architectural window and door frames and their accompanying elements. They chose partner suppliers who met our demanding criteria and produced what we call the EDGE Ecosystem. You get strength, aesthetics and much, much more. The EDGE Ecosystem means a local team of experts is standing with you. It’s a completely controlled process as an Australian product.

Emphasis was also placed on looking for more efficient ways to fabricate, install and glaze products. By keeping more of the fabrication process in the factory, the environment is better controlled and higher quality results.

Let go and let us.