Energy efficient aluminium window systems

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EDGE Architectural combines design freedom with high standards of energy efficiency in aluminium window and door framing systems.

We all want to reduce our impact on the environment and to decrease our energy consumption. Building owners and managers are concerned with energy costs, while occupants expect comfortable indoor temperatures. Australians seek structures that facilitate living and structures that are built for life. The design intent, the research and development behind EDGE is to accommodate this thinking.

Keep the outside temperatures outside

Features like thermal break and double glazing offer excellent insulation for commercial architectural frames. In addition to direct efficiency gained from better insulating features, the EDGE ranges also reduce condensation on window frames, reduce spots of radiated cold in a room and increase overall room comfort and space liveability.

U-MAX™, our thermally broken suite, offers high energy ratings within a comprehensive range of architectural framing systems. Changing from double glazed to thermally broken gives approximately a 15 per cent improvement in the U value.

MAX™, our double glazed suite, complements U-MAX™. You choose the best option for the specific application, yet maintain visual unity between the thermal and non-thermal façade appearance.

U-MAX™ and MAX™ give you freedom and flexibility in an elegant, energy efficient solution.

Bring our consulting team, Ai design, your energy requirements and we can help you engineer the system solution that delivers that rating. The shared frame depths of our systems means we can incorporate  U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN across facades and achieve the desired energy rating for each different façade.

Section J

Australia’s commercial building evolved with Section J; EDGE Architectural evolved, too.

During the initial development of EDGE, energy ratings for housing were becoming more stringent, going to 5 Star ratings for homes. Section J was actually written into the BCA in 2006, but really took effect in late 2011/early 2012. Energy ratings became mandatory requirements for all buildings to meet.

The new Australian building codes have provided many challenges for building and more so, façade designers. In many cases high performance glass alone will not be sufficient to achieve required performance results. That is up until the release of U-MAX™. U-MAX™ will provide better Uw results over traditional framing systems.