Build your legacy

With every project, every building, you cement your reputation.

Break up facades. Introduce new elements. Create an impression. Leave your signature. And do it all with the EDGE super suite. Picture the breadth of what you can do by changing front or centre glazing and the ability to swap around the different glass planes.

Or imagine the play found in transitioning between thermally broken and non-thermally broken frames without a deviation to the eye or a departure from your vision.

The magnitude of what can be done with the EDGE super suite will delight you.

Customize your experience

The comprehensiveness of the EDGE Architectural window frame ranges gives you complete design freedom. Adaptability is the key to commercial systems. EDGE gives unprecedented flexibility for designers and fabricators.

U-MAX™ and MAX™ were developed and tested for strength, reliability, longevity and energy efficiency, but also for their elegance and aesthetic. Front, centre and offset glazed systems can be reversed and combined to change the glass plane. Interchange MAX™, double glazed systems, and U-MAX™, thermally broken systems, to maintain visual unity and achieve desired energy ratings around the structure. You’ll benefit from the beauty of their beauty and the freedom of their frames.

Free your design and the rest will follow.