EDGE Consult commissions new 3D printer

Design engineering team’s new 3D printer

EDGE Architectural design and consulting department purchases new 3D printer and tests it by printing a bunny.Part of the magic of working on a project with EDGE Architectural and Aluminium Industries (Ai) comes from the contributions of departments across the organization. The collective experience and IP of our people complement one another and help deliver excellent results for you. From consultative selling to design & specification support to innovative manufacturing & fabrication, many minds make for awesome products. And happy customers. The EDGE Consult department plays a vital role in these collaborations. Almost every project that comes through the doors at Ai benefits from the talent and expertise of the EDGE team. EDGE Consult’s processes just got a little more streamlined with the installation of a new 3D printer.
EDGE Consult helps EDGE Architectural customers engineer custom solutions for their projects.
Since 2010, EDGE Consult has used a 3D printer to render project prototypes for customers. The upgraded printer will allow the studio to streamline the rendering process and deliver higher quality results in a more efficient way. EDGE Consult is a critical element in EDGE Architectural’s fabrication of bespoke and custom solutions for engineering, façade design and architectural projects. And the 3D printer is a critical element in the EDGE Consult tool belt.