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About EDGE: product and project development

We are

Problem solvers.
Systems designers.
Status quo questioners.
Customer service fanatics.
Project partners.
Fresh thinkers.
Builders for life.

EDGE Architectural Systems maintains one of Australia’s most comprehensive collection of commercial shopfront and facade framing systems. Our stunning range of double glazed systems, featuring thermal break, give our clients the design freedom required for innovative projects.

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As a brand of Aluminium Industries of Australia, our team is a blend of highly experienced professionals and young industry professionals eager to change the world. We all share a passion for what we do and a clear understanding that our success comes from helping our clients succeed.

We are proudly Australian yet operate with a global perspective.

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Aluminium Industries core values

The evolution of EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems, a brand of Aluminium Industries (Ai), began in 2005 with the establishment of the Ai Architectural ranges. Through a journey of dynamic research and fresh feature development, EDGE emerged with one of the largest and most comprehensive set of commercial aluminium window and door frames in Australia. Our double glazed ranges also incorporate the U-MAX™ thermal break suites.

The EDGE philosophy is to offer creative, streamlined and efficient solutions without compromise.

Core values of Aluminium Industries

  • Customer Service
  • Professionalism
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Quality

Ai history

Industrial drive officeAluminium Industries opened in 1996 in Cheltenham, Victoria, initially providing sourcing services for small to medium end users of extruded products. In 2005 Aluminium Industries introduced the supply to the architectural window and door systems market.

In 2007 Aluminium Industries acquired Pivotech, a shower door and wardrobe wholesale company with a national network of distributors. The product range has broadened and the features continually improved resulting in significant growth in the fabricator network and their sales.

In 2010, in recognising the increasing performance demands about to be placed on commercial architectural window and door systems, Aluminium Industries began to research and develop new suites to meet the emerging market needs.

This development accelerated significantly over the subsequent 18 months and in November 2011, Ai relocated to our purpose built facilities in Dandenong South. Today the company has representation in South Australia, New South Wales, ACT and Queensland and key distributors in Western Australia.

Ai has always focused on developing into a total solutions supplier with particular emphasis on value adding processes for our customers. From rudimentary cutting, finishing and packaging services, the company now has significant fabrication and finishing resources. From commodity through components to end packaged products, Ai is committed to an ongoing investment in technology, local manufacture and fabrication. Significant investment will continue to be made in CNC, materials handling and process equipment to ensure that we supply a world competitive local supply option.

The quest for what’s next

Our philosophy is simple, offer creative, streamlined and efficient solutions without compromise. Driven by our core values and a culture of innovation, the EDGE Research and Development team is never done.

Our innovation will help you build your legacy.

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The EDGE evolution

The ranges from EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems represents a major development. The range is a “generational change” from anything developed prior in Australia. The reasoning and ideology behind the EDGE designs ensures the suites are more adaptable and flexible than anything before it, with features we believe make EDGE truly compelling.

Rather than base the EDGE ranges on 50 year old concepts, including imperial measurements, our leadership team chose to develop unique “greenfield” ranges, with no legacy to old systems. The metric footprint and feature set make EDGE a real and different option for Australians.

Just a few key differences

  • Complete Greenfields development with no constraints of legacy product lines. This ensures unparalleled compatibility across the EDGE ranges.
  • Intense development of a tightly integrated range of products bases around a common feature set.
  • Quite possibly the largest development of a commercial systems ranges ever scoped and developed at one time.
  • The integration across single glazed, double glazed and thermally broken is amazing. Architects and building designers don’t have to change products to achieve consistency around all facades of a building. Instead, they bring us the desired energy rating and our team helps determine which system (U-MAX™, MAX™ or GEN™) is needed on which façade to meet the requirements.
  • Improved practices in fabrication, assembly and glazing yield efficiencies to fabricators, saving time and money while increasing quality control.
  • The glazing and draining methodologies improve the service life of the building.
  • The only Australian system using Pour & Debridge thermal break, a process proven to deliver excellent strength and insulation.

Our product development criteria was not to simply add another suite of sections to our existing range but to use the opportunity to re-engineer our complete architectural product and service market offer. We placed an emphasis on looking for more efficient ways to fabricate, install and glaze products, each of which makes the EDGE systems more cost effective.

Our in-house designers collaborated with two world experts in thermal barrier technology, one from Italy and the other from the US. Through this collaboration and additional consultation with Australian stakeholders, we designed and developed a system that has been scoped to work “up” through a thermally broken range and “down” to incorporate conventional double and single glazed systems including window and door elements.

As a result, EDGE Architectural incorporates a variety of new and improved features from thermal break to advanced water shedding.