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EDGE technical documents: new products, new designs, more benefits for you

Download the latest edition of our EDGE technical catalogues

The 2017 EDGE technical documents deliver the latest, greatest information on our GEN single glazed, MAX double glazed and U-MAX thermally broken ranges. The technical manuals are available for download from our digital library.

EDGE technical documents


The most recent versions of the EDGE technical catalogues feature a robust collection of updates and refinements. Just a few include:

  • New framing suites, like the MAX Centre Glazed
  • New window systems, like the EDGE Tilt & Turn and Multi-Locking Sashes
  • Updated diagrams and product details
  • Updated project photos across all sections, illustrating our systems in application
  • Louvres, fins, partitions, glazing adaptors and standard extrusions can now be found in the GEN catalogue
  • PDFs for individual suites are also available for download


download U-MAX technical specifications download MAX technical specifications download GEN technical specifications download Fast Find index of EDGE technical specifications






We thrive on positive design evolution

The EDGE ranges are dynamic and constantly evolving. Along with our strategic schedule of new product development, many additions and changes featured in these editions come from collaboration with EDGE clients and stakeholders. The EDGE team remains nimble and creative in designing solutions to achieve the design intent of architects, facade engineers, and fabricators.

Details of the changes in the EDGE technical documents:

  • The previous four catalogues have been condensed into three: GEN now features louvres, fins, glazing adaptors and partition systems
  • “400 Centre Single Glaze” is available as a PDF download, as well as in the “EDGE Fast Find Index”
  • We reorganised the order of suites: 100 Centre, 150 Centre, 150 Offset, 100 Front, 150 Front
  • MAX Centre Glazed suite added
  • U-MAX 150 Centre Glazed suite added
  • U-MAX Sliding Window added (MAX coming in the future)
  • Tilt & Turn and Multi Locking features added to many suites, where they are compatible, within MAX and U-MAX (the development of tilt & turn and multi locking will expand in the future)
  • Using the “drained transoms” as a value add in other areas of 100 framing in MAX and U-MAX systems
  • New feature pages on Bifold doors and MAX and U-MAX Sliding Doors into suites, where compatible
  • Changes to the Bifold frame, adaptors, and door stiles in MAX and U-MAX systems
  • New bracket details in SG150 and SG182 Curtain Wall systems
  • New SG182 Subsill
  • New MAX and U-MAX 200mm Sub Head, Sub Jamb, and Subsill (replacing 2 part), with implications for MAX and U-MAX Sliding Doors, and MAX 200 FDG
  • Spandrel adaptor detail pages illustrating the new plant-on adaptor in 150 Front Glaze, SG150, and 150 and 200 Front Capped
  • Spandrel sections and feature fin extrusions appear in most 150 Framing Suites, as used at NRAS
  • More machining details on Curtain Wall and Structural Glazed Framing
  • Variation of 150FDG-40 pocket suite
  • Multi locking sashes elsewhere; two structural glazed sashes developed around a multi-locking handle
  • New Lock Strike and Packer for MAX and U-MAX door systems
  • New fixing block for Double Glazed Capped, including revised details of how to use caps
  • New transoms in Front Capped and SG150 suites
  • New pelmet/blind transom
  • Changes to stack head in SG182 suite
  • New SG182 stack joint splice
  • Redesign of C9219 spandrel adaptor to snap fit
  • Unique “skittle” and glazing tee with glazing adaptors
  • A number of changes and tweaks in glazing adaptors, including a new cassette extrusion
  • A new jockey sash
  • A new 100 subsill with extra long leg
  • Two part 75mm deep sub head (detailed in MAX 200FDG suite)
  • Additional structural charts reflect new products and new pages in MAX 150 Front Capped, 150 Front Glaze, and U-MAX equivalents; adding mullion charts which include splices
  • Features and performance page on sashes in each catalogue to highlight the performance differences between products
  • Detail showing the anti-dislodgement block on inset sash in each catalogue

Whew! And we’re just getting started. EDGE will keep growing, and growing, and growing.


Career opportunities with an edge with EDGE Architectural

Be part of our success: career opportunities

EDGE Architectural is on a mission to revolutionise Australian commercial architectural window and door systems. You can be part of that.

We’re growing and looking for smart, passionate people ready to dive in. Find success when you chart your career path towards the leading EDGE.

  • Team Leader Internal Sales
  • Architectural Project & Specification Manager
  • Business Development Manager, based in north or west Melbourne

Internal Sales Team Leader

Lead, develop and mentor the EDGE Internal Sales Team.

Provide strong leadership to ensure the team exceeds expectations of the EDGE customer base and internal stakeholders through outstanding customer service and follow-up. Ensure the best outcome for our customers and the overall business, while maintaining the EDGE Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Work to deliver accurate and timely processing of all quotes, orders, effective and timely communication to our customer base, the EDGE team and other administrative functions as outlined by the EDGE Manager.

Architectural Project & Specification Manager

This role will promote and secure the adoption of EDGE Architectural systems within Australia’s architect and design communities through relationship building, highly developed technical knowledge, and consultative meetings.

As a key resource to the EDGE Platinum Partner fabricators, our Project & Specification Manager will support them to ensure the specifications of EDGE systems hold, and, in coordination with the EDGE Sales Team, facilitate fabricators receiving all the information they need to present to the builders or project stakeholders.

The role will also collaborate on the refinement of existing marketing and technical material and the development of new digital, video and print material to ensure all stakeholders have the resources they need.

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Business Development Manager, based in Melbourne’s north or west

Partner with key EDGE customers, building and maintaining strong, mutual-beneficially partnerships. Manage a portfolio of dedicated and committed partners to secure existing business, drive additional business opportunities whilst actively seeking new opportunities within an allocated territory.

Oversee all elements of account management, including nurturing existing relationships with all key customer stakeholders, liaising with EDGE and Ai internal cross-functional teams, ensuring timely and successful delivery of solutions to our customer and improve the entire customer experience.


For more information or to request a full position description for one the roles listed above, email us at To apply, email your resume and cover letter outl


Ai’s R&D manager profiled in industry journal

Rod Beel featured in AWA Windows magazine

Ai’s R&D Manager, Rod Beel, took a turn in the spotlight in the winter 2017 edition of Windows magazine. Not one to seek attention, some encouraging was required to get Rod to agree to the article, but we’re so glad he did.

Rod does amazing work every day for our team, our customers, and the architects and facade engineers who use the EDGE product suites.


You’ll find the feature on Rod on page 16. 


view the article

A Perfect Panorama

Look out clouds, there’s a new building in town.

The construction at 101 Tram Road is now complete. Rising 13 storeys into the air from its base on Doncaster Hill, Panorama Apartments offers beautiful views of the Melbourne CBD.

Situated at the intersection of Doncaster and Tram Roads, the structure overlooks Westfield Shopping Centre, giving occupants plenty of entertainment within walking distance. As expected with such a behemoth, construction has taken some time. We wrote about Panorama Apartments here some sixteen months ago. The $48m building completed in late 2016, and features 210 luxury apartments in a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom configurations.

Designed by Peddle Thorp, Panorama is split into two distinct designs. The frontage on Doncaster Road features a bold, sweeping design on a white front, standing out strongly. It juxtaposes well with the Westfield located just across the road.

The front on Tram Road is not quite as large or dramatic. Tastefully paralleling the street, this section is set back, rising up behind the integrated carparking block in regular intervals. There are prominent balconies to every street-front apartment, letting occupants have as much access to the stunning view as possible. A simple communal entry hall links the two halves of the building.

EDGE’s MAX™ 100mm Centre Glazed window frames and MAX sliding doors are used in Panorama to great effect. The bold black outlines of the framing system are a key aspect of the building’s visual appeal on all fronts. Additionally, our high-quality double glazed system keeps interior temperature levels steady, despite the vast expanses of glass across the building. Occupants will be able to enjoy their stunning views to the full, without suffering hot or cold spots close to the glass.

For more photos of Panorama, visit our project gallery here.



Berwick Hospital Redevelopment

St John of God Berwick Hospital is undergoing a major redevelopment.

As part of a $150m project, the hospital is moving from its current premises on Gibb St to a new site on Kangan Drive. As this road already hosts Monash Health’s Casey Hospital and the Casey Superclinic, Berwick is set to become one of Melbourne’s major health precincts.

The new Berwick Hospital began construction in early 2016. It features 190 new beds, six operating theatres, two endoscopy theatres, and a large basement car park. It will provide the first Intensive Care Unit for the area.

The construction recently topped out, with the final slab being poured at the fifth-level plant rooms. The building will be very imposing: together with the two on-site cranes, the structure looms over Kangan Drive, visible kilometres away. The view from the top floors looks out over a relaxing expanse of greenery.

The most exciting part of the hospital – at least from our point of view – is now underway. The multicolored glass facade of blues and greens has gone up in parts on the first two floors. The colouring is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, reducing interior glare for patients whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to filter through.

EDGE’s MAX 150 structural glazed curtain wall systems were used throughout the project. The double glazed framing ensures interior comfort remains high whilst energy bills remain low. And they look pretty stylish there, combined with the coloured panels.

The new Berwick Hospital is expected to open in late 2017.
View more photos here.