Single glazed window and door systems enter the 21st century


GEN fpGEN™ is Australia’s new generation of single glazed architectural framing systems. The development of a single glazed window system, in conjunction with U-MAX™ and MAX™ delivers complete compatibility.

GEN™ embodies the same DNA as U-MAX™ and MAX™. The design of GEN™ incorporates a larger glazing pocket than most
other single glazed systems; GEN™ accepts glass from 6mm to 13.52mm.

GEN™ is ideal for internal glazing or apartment developments where high energy performance is not required.

GEN™ single glazed framing systems


GEN™ 100 Centre Glazed 150 Acoustic Framing
GEN™ 100 Front Glazed 76 x 35 Centre Glazed
GEN™ 150 Front Glazed 100mm Base Front Capped Glazed
GEN™ 150 Centre Glazed 150mm Base Front Capped Glazed
GEN™ Single Glazed Awning & Casement Sashes 45mm Glazed Commercial Door
 GEN™ Single Glazed Inner (Jockey) Sash 45mm Beaded Commercial Door